Case Results


Personal Injury (2018) Crosswalk Accident: 80 Year Old woman in crosswalk is run over by loaded cement truck and suffers multiple fractures; truck company tried to claim victim was on her cell phone and walking along side of truck; eyewitnesses disproved insurance company strategy. Settlement: $4,000,000.

Personal Injury (2017) Bicycle accident: Utility company repairs pipe under roadway but only fills trench part way, leaving a 6 inch drop off in the middle of the traffic lane.  Nighttime bicycle rider goes into open trench  and suffers mild head injury; Settlement: $1,025,000. Utility company’s strategy to to blame accident on bicyclist for having had one drink at an office Christmas party failed.

Personal Injury (2017) Brand New Corvette crushed and victim suffers mild brain injury: Retired engineer buys his dream car – a Corvette – and is immediately struck by a large truck, suffering a mild brain injury.  Settlement: $1,000,000 insurance policy limits.  (Insurance company’s strategy to  blame brain injury on victim’s depression failed when it was proven the brain injury was the cause of the depression).

Personal Injury (2016) Pedestrian in crosswalk is struck and killed by bicyclist.  Settlement: Confidential.

Personal Injury: Driver on I-580 in Oakland is sideswiped by 18 wheeler and suffers hand injury; Settlement: $875,000.

Kaiser Medical Malpractice (1983-Current) Birth injuries, quadriplegia, wrongful deaths (sadly) by the dozensHundreds and hundreds of cases involving surgery, failure to diagnose cancer (lung, skin, kidney), failure to diagnose lung clots resulting in death, failure to diagnose and treat infections like meningitis, failure to diagnose impending heart attacks, pathology errors, nursing failures, birth injuries, and medication errors.  These claims have been successfully pursued in many counties in California including Alameda, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Diego, Los Angeles, Marin, Contra Costa, Sacramento, and Solano.  Kaiser has lost every single arbitration Mr. Dorit has pursued since 1983.  Mr. Dorit has won over $20,000,000 in cases against Kaiser alone.

Hospital Malpractice (2013) Negligent placing of intravenous line into heart causes veterans death.  A San Francisco hospital negligently caused a Veteran’s death by improperly inserting an intravenous tube into his heart. 


Medical Malpractice (2017): 12 Year Old boy has heart condition that his cardiologist ignores and suffers loss of oxygen and brain damage; Settlement: $9,000,000.

Medical Malpractice (2016) Hospital blames woman who is having a stroke and sends her home: 35 Year Old mother and wife has signs of impending stroke and emergency room criticizes her for not being able to speak.  She is sent home where she has full blown stroke and suffers brain injury; Settlement $6,000,000.

Personal Injury (2015) Pedestrian killed by speeding bicyclist: Bicyclist hits pedestrian in crosswalk causing death; Settlement: Very Substantial, Confidential terms.

Medical Malpractice (1983-Current) (Birth Injuries, Wrongful Deaths, Brain Damage; Quadriplegia: Multiple cases involving birth injuries and loss of oxygen causing brain damage, failure to diagnose and treat cancer, surgical errors, pain medication overdoses, failure to treat infections, death, paralysis, blindness; Settlement Ranges: $2,500,000 up to $9,000,000.